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Topic: General Denistry

Porcelain Veneers vs. Composite Veneers

Researchers have found that smiling elevates your mood, energizes you, builds stronger relationships, and makes you more productive. People tend to...

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What You Should Know About Tooth Sensitivity

What Does Tooth Sensitivity Mean? If mundane daily activities such as oral hygiene, eating, or drinking cause discomfort or sharp pain, it may be a...

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The LANAP Protocol: A Preferred Alternative to Traditional Surgery

Many patients diagnosed with periodontal disease are encouraged to have gum surgery.  With traditional surgery, also known as flap surgery, the...

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Wisdom Teeth Removal: When Is the Best Time to Have Them Removed?

After your first tooth erupts in infancy, your mouth experiences many milestones. Dentists are committed to preserving your natural teeth for a...

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Periodontal Disease Can Cause Serious Health Issues

Many people in the US seek dental care because they have tooth pain or cavities.. However, teeth aren't the only component affecting a person's...

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