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Topic: Sedation Dentistry

Relaxing Your Way to a Healthy Smile: Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Dental treatment causes some individuals to experience fear and anxiety that often leads to completely avoiding regular dental care. According to the...

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Should I Take Antibiotics For A Toothache?

You have likely seen media reports that traditional antibiotics are less effective in treating infections. This causes concern for all healthcare...

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The LANAP Protocol: A Preferred Alternative to Traditional Surgery

Many patients diagnosed with periodontal disease are encouraged to have gum surgery. With traditional surgery, also known as flap surgery, the...

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Wisdom Teeth Removal: When Is the Best Time to Have Them Removed?

After your first tooth erupts in infancy, your mouth experiences many milestones. Dentists are committed to preserving your natural teeth for a...

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How to Ensure the Maximum Comfort With IV Sedation

How do we make sure that you remain relaxed and comfortable during your oral surgery, especially if you have high levels of dental anxiety? It is...

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Is Sedation Dentistry the Right Option For You?

Have you been living with dental fear and anxiety? Has it caused you to ignore your regularly recommended dental visits? Well, you will be happy to...

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