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What Do Fluoride Treatments Do?

You may be puzzled when your dentist or dental hygienist recommends a fluoride treatment after having your teeth cleaned. Don’t only kids need...

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Wisdom Teeth Removal: When Is the Best Time to Have Them Removed?

After your first tooth erupts in infancy, your mouth experiences many milestones. Dentists are committed to preserving your natural teeth for a...

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Better Dental Hygiene For The Spring

Now that spring is upon us, you may find that the good weather and change in seasons have inspired you to get organized and spring clean your home.

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The Benefits of Having Aligned Teeth

If you believe misaligned teeth are only a cosmetic problem, you need to think again. Having straight teeth is much more than achieving that perfect...

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How to Ensure the Maximum Comfort With IV Sedation

How do we make sure that you remain relaxed and comfortable during your oral surgery, especially if you have high levels of dental anxiety? It is...

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Periodontal Disease Can Cause Serious Health Issues

Many people in the US seek dental care because they have tooth pain or cavities.. However, teeth aren't the only component affecting a person's...

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How to Tell if You are a Good Candidate for Dental Implants

According to an epidemiological study, over 178 million Americans have lost at least one tooth. From this, over 40 million of them are missing all...

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What is a Root Canal?

A 2019 survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that about 65% of adults aged 18 and over sought dental care in the...

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Don't Let Wisdom Teeth Change Your Smile

According to the American Dental Association, wisdom teeth are actually a "dental milestone" marking the onset of early adulthood. Our evolutionary...

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Improve your Oral Health with Our Custom Mouthguards

Chipped or missing teeth can ruin your smile or alter the effectiveness of your mouth in chewing or talking. Although you can replace a missing tooth...

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